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Dr. Stephen Kalaluhi and Eric V. Campbell San Diego Homeless Advocates Sign Contract To Publish Book To Help Organizers Build Successful Homeless Outreach Programs

This book outlines the critical aspects of what homeless outreach organizers need to be aware of as they lead volunteers, scope out their location, and most importantly it gives them the guidance and confidence they need to be successful in building a successful outreach program.

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“OMG It’s True!” Hits Bestseller Milestone on Amazon Offering Breakthrough Insights On Experiencing God Within

While many have questioned the purpose of life, most insiders agree that we are here on this earth for more than what appears. Author Amos Allinger understands this better than many. His new book, “OMG It’s True! You’ve Always Thought There Must Be More To This Life…There Is!” reveals how ordinary individuals can find purpose, meaning, and a relationship with God. Recently, he announced the book had hit #1 Best Seller status on

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