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Donald Bondeson, Founder of Taxes in 24 Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs About Rapid Tax Preparation for Individual, Business and Corporate Clients.

With 25+ Years in the financial and accounting arena both in industry and public accounting, Donald has run companies from startup to $50Million plus in revenue. Taxes in 24 has the expertise to provide clients with the services that they need. Dedicated to keeping their tax preparation skills honed with continuing education courses throughout the…

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Dr. Deb Lees Launches Anthology With Female Surgeons From Around the World, Sharing Personal Stories to Encourage Girls in STEM Careers, in Multilingual Book Series, The Dragon Slayers Club.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Deb Lees is working with anthology publisher Debbie Horovitch to create a book series featuring the personal stories of women in male-dominated STEM careers, to encourage conversations for young women & girls around the world.

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Latest Episode of Making Major Moves in Marketplace with Ed Bracey Features Veteran Automotive Professional Teresa Crawford

Teresa Crawford, an automotive professional with a wealth of experience, was the special guest in a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio’s popular show Making Major Moves in Marketplace. This show is a production of Synergy of Empowered Women, a charity that works tirelessly for global women’s empowerment.

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