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Stefan Ciancio Explains How Mindset Can Be Used as a Tool in Marketing

Currently a self-made online marketing expert and coach, Stefan Ciancio left behind his high paying mechanical engineering job five years ago in order to pursue a life as an entrepreneur. The move was scary, but Stefan knew he would have to have a positive and confident attitude if he wanted to succeed. And, thanks to his determination, succeed he has! Over the years, his dedication to a positive mindset has served both him…

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Neena R. Speer, Trademark Attorney, Interviewed About Her New Book Release: “Dear Future Lawyer An Intimate Survival Guide For The Minority Female Law Student”

When asked why she chose the legal field, Speer commented: “In eighth grade, I learned that kids who lived across the street from our well-funded school weren’t able to come to my school because of a neighborhood district line. That was a rule, and I decided then I wanted to change rules and laws that didn’t make any sense as a lawyer.”

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