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Dom Faussette Executive Coach, Leadership Speaker Tops Amazon Best-Seller Lists with New Book Release Titled: “Think React Lead. When Success and Accomplishments Aren’t Enough”

Dom’s new book hit best-seller lists on within 24 hours of release.  It was ranked #1 in the Kindle “Business Knowledge Capital” category, as well as #4 in “Management and Leadership Science” With over a decade of corporate leadership, executive coaching, and most importantly, real-world, in-the-trenches business experience, his view is radically different. We…

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Scott Scanlon, Creator of Curation Suite, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs about Content Curation and Inbound Marketing.

Curation Suite is a content curation platform that gives the power to curate and publish in any niche or market. Scott is an entrepreneur with over 10+ years in digital marketing and a background in the U.S. Army, music industry, real estate, technical consulting, and business development. Scott is also a coder and still enjoys…

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