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Brian Lomax, Performance Coach and Founder of PerformanceXtra, Featured on Business Innovators Radio

Brian Lomax, Performance Coach and Founder of PerformanceXtra, was the featured guest on Business Innovators Radio show discussing how he helps athletes and teams reach their peak potential with a proven system that methodically teaches athletes how to retrain their minds to think and react in an optimal way to enhance performance and overcome self-limiting beliefs and fears.

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Dr. Curtis Hayes Selected As Author For An Upcoming Cosmetic Dentistry Book

Dr. Curtis Hayes, DDS, is the board-certified, chief oral surgeon at Coal Creek Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center in Lafayette, Colorado. Dr. Hayes has signed on to author a chapter about digital advances in cosmetic dentistry, appearing in “The Million Dollar Smile: Changing Lives Through Cosmetic Dentistry”, a book that will provide expert information on the latest cosmetic and restorative dental treatments.

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Small Business Development Guru Ryan Murray is Now an Amazon International #1 Bestselling Author Three Times Over

Author Ryan Murray has just topped’s #1 Bestseller lists in the categories of Business Operations Research, Operations Research, and Small Business Sales and Selling in both the United States and Canada which makes his book an international bestseller. Murray is a small business development expert who has just released a Kindle version of his bestselling book which is named Startup Marketing: Unconventional, Simple, Brilliant.

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