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The Power of the One Drop Movement Revealed in Sammy Blindell’s Latest Book, The Law of Brand Attraction 2.

The Law of Brand Attraction 2, shares profound ideas, thought-provoking activities, enlightening stories, and sage words of advice from a variety of industry experts, guiding visionary business owners to tap into their unique talents so they may build their own movements to give back and create further transformation in the world! 

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Samuel Sanders Entrepreneur, Speaker, & Author of “Your Next Big Idea” CEO of Heard, LLC, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast.

During the interview, Samuel discussed how an entrepreneur can make their company more innovative, He showed how to identify problems, needs, and wants in society, where to look for them and how to be aware of them and then turn them into ideas. The interview discussed things that slow down creativity and innovation, and how…

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Neena R. Speer, Trademark Attorney, Hits #1 Amazon Bestseller for Her New Book Release: “Dear Future CEO ®ANI – A Thriving Business Owner’s Secret Playbook.”

Her book hit bestseller on within 24 hours of release achieving #1 in the Small Business Bookkeeping category. Her groundbreaking book answers many valuable questions: Should a business owner protect the business name and logo with a trademark after starting a business? Should the owner form an LLC versus a corporation?  What are the…

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Susie Carder, Author of “Power Your Profits,” Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast About Creating Simple Proven Systems Guaranteed to Create Dramatic Growth

Susie Carder discusses her approach to building multimillion-dollar companies and the one thing every business owner must do to build a company. Susie’s latest book will unlock strategic growth and systems strategies that will take a business from $10,000 to $10 Million in revenue! Readers will learn the insider secrets and strategies to build a…

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