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ALAN PORTER Speaks at Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club and Shares Stage with Suzanne Somers

Alan Porter was a featured speaker at the annual Thought Leaders’ conference, the Business Expert Forum at the Harvard Faculty Club. These thought leaders include CEOs, dignitaries, professionals, best-selling authors, technical and medical experts from around the world. He shared the stage with New York Times Best-selling author Suzanne Somers.

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Gary & Sharon Worrell of Strategies for Healing in Denver Discuss How Their Wellness Center Gives Stellar Results with the Life Vessel Chamber

Gary and Sharon Worrell, founders of Strategies for Healing, were recently interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs podcast. The Strategies for Healing Wellness Center takes a holistic approach to healing, where alternative modalities are used for addressing stress in the body and emotions, bringing the body into relaxation. When stress is reduced, all other therapies are more…

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Dr. Peter Osborne Shares Stage with Suzanne Somers and Prepares for Functional Medicine Summit

Dr. Peter Osborne shared the stage with New York Time Best-selling author Suzanne Somers at the Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club. Dr. Peter Osborne is the clinical director of Origins Health Care in Sugar Land, Texas. He is a Doctor of pastoral science, and a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on gluten sensitivity, and lectures nationally to both the public as well as doctors on this and many other nutritionally related topics

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