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Experienced Sales Professional Jacqui Wahl Attends Business Innovators Radio’s Popular Show Making Major Moves in the Marketplace

Ed Bracey, a business development veteran, recently welcomed experienced sales professional Jacqui Wahl to his popular show Making Major Moves in the Marketplace. This show is a part of Ed’s relentless efforts to empower and encourage the aspiring female entrepreneurs, and is broadcasted on Business Innovators Radio.

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Dr. Deb Lees Launches Anthology With Female Surgeons From Around the World, Sharing Personal Stories to Encourage Girls in STEM Careers, in Multilingual Book Series, The Dragon Slayers Club.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Deb Lees is working with anthology publisher Debbie Horovitch to create a book series featuring the personal stories of women in male-dominated STEM careers, to encourage conversations for young women & girls around the world.

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International Best Selling Author Alice Branton Featured on ‘In the Know’ in Palm Beach

“Vitamin D is the Key: The Myth, the Reality and the Revolutionary Breakthrough!” by Alice Branton, CEO of Trivedi Effect, debuted as a hot new release in Vitamins and Supplements, Medical Atlases, Vitamins, Medical References, and was recognized as a No. 1 International Best Seller. She is currently on a media tour around the United States.

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