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“Everyone Knows You Suck.: Bad Boss Stories. A Succinct Guide” By Trish Tagle Becomes a #1 International Amazon Bestseller in Multiple Categories

Executive educator and business consultant Trish Tagle has recently earned the honor of becoming a #1 Amazon best selling author. Her guidebook for bosses and any type of upper management; ‘Everyone Knows You Suck.: Bad Boss Stories. A Succinct Guide is an Amazon bestseller in multiple categories.

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Axiom Cyber Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership with UNLV Research Professor Dr. Ashok Sudhakar to tackle Cybermalpractice

Axiom Cyber Solutions today announced a strategic partnership with Dr. Ashok Sudhakar, a research professor at UNLV’s Office of Public Policy and Leadership and owner of Academy of Cybersecurity and Technology (ACT). This partnership will allow Axiom and Dr. Sudhakar to bring together regulatory compliance in the healthcare industry with world leading cybersecurity assessments and technology.

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