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October 2020

Douglas Kruger Interviewed About His New Book Release: “Political Correctness Does More Harm Than Good – How to Identify, Debunk and Dismantle Dangerous Ideas”

After writing books on personal wealth Kruger discovered that there are two sets of answers to the problem of poverty. Douglas became fascinated by the idea of how families and individuals can escape inter-generational cycles of poverty. He found that, on the one hand, folks are served a set of politically correct ideas about what might work; then, on the other side of the spectrum, there are the things that are economically sound that actually work, but are harder to hear.

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Fusematic Bonding Systems Are Taking Friction Welding Into A New Era Of Portability, Controls, Safety & Capability, Providing The Latest Advancements In Engineered Fastening Solutions Technology

The Fusematic Bonding Systems solid-state rotary friction welding is an alternative to traditional welding that is quickly disrupting the industry by using controlled friction instead of flame or arc to safely join metals for engineered fasteners.

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