Freedom Champion, Matthew J. Moore, Releases New Book About Democracy to Inspire All

Published on October 23, 2020

Freedom in the 21st Century Inspires Author To Restore Confidence in the USA

TULSA, Okla.—October 19, 2020—Today, Author Matthew J. Moore has released his new book, “Foundations for Liberty: Rediscovering Freedom In The 21st Century.” Foundations for Liberty was written to encourage a lost generation to rediscover America’s founding principles. Mr. Moore’s mission is to share his views of what freedom truly means and discuss aspects of a self-governing electorate and much more.

The book discusses how America’s future is in the hands of its citizens and Moore is worried that the freedom he cherishes is eroding, perhaps one generation away from “extinction.” Moore explores the country’s journey, not always perfect but trying to honor how America’s founding leadership organized a set of ideas to inspire hope for everyone. The author is hoping to awaken the American people with his views on moving toward a more productive, cohesive, and calm America. “Foundations for Liberty: Rediscovering Freedom In The 21st Century” is a timely book and has already been well received.

According to the author, “The United States of America has been the greatest global experiment for liberty. This nation was founded on the idea that a better, self-determined life was preferable for people bound to the English monarchy—that they could break free and embrace a true democracy centered on limited government, decentralized power, empathy for one’s neighbors, and strong moral fabric. As we see a bigger and bigger national divide every day, many of the founding principles that have made America a tolerant and fair country and have proven our standing in the world as the greatest democracy, have slowly been eroding away. The foundations for which liberty stands are now on shaky ground.”

He added, “Our Declaration of Independence identifies and focuses on specific natural rights as unalienable including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our founding fathers identified core principles defining their preferred role of government in society, especially the relationship between the people and their government. America’s journey has not always been perfect, but its founding documents recognized a set of ideas that are inspiring to all citizens. I believe that to do something great in life you must first see the world for what it could be and not for what it is.”

Moore is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and cryptocurrency consultant. Since 2011, he has been the President of The Young Businessmen of Tulsa, OK, a non-profit organization designed to help connect, inspire, and develop young business leaders to find and pursue their purpose. Some of the popular topics on which Mr. Moore speaks include, “Stewarding Liberty & Freedom,” “The Importance of Sound Money,” “Social Entrepreneurship,” “How to Influence Culture,” “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies” and “Discovering Your “WHY.”

​Moore is available for groups looking to book a consultation, interview, or speaking engagement and can be reached on his website,, and is available to connect with readers on social media.

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