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Once a Reluctant Nine-to-Five Worker, Stefan Ciancio Now Shows Others How to Become Their Own Boss

  After taking a traditional path to employment, Stefan Ciancio spent three long years workingnine-to-five as a mechanical engineer. Unfulfilled with his day-to-day life and deep in debt after his college days, he decided to sell things on eBay as a side hustle. It didn’t take him long to start making good money doing very little, and his natural flair for business began to show itself. He learned something significant from this endeavour, too: that the one thingevery online entrepreneur needs to succeed is traffic. Taking this knowledge and…

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Jonny Cooper’s Multi-Million Pound Business Sale Didn’t Set Him Up For Life – It Left Him Crippled With Debt

  Things don’t always turn out as expected, and even when ink has dried on a contract, there will still be twists of fate waiting to turn things on their head. Business coach Jonny Cooper knows this better than most, having once sold an eight-figure business to a PLC in a deal that, quite unexpectedly, left him crippled with debt. Initially, the dealpromised him a multi-million pound pay-out. But, when the company he sold…

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Davisware Names Curtis Brewer as CEO

Davisware, a leading provider of ERP software for commercial field services providers, is proud to announce it has appointed Curtis Brewer as Chief Executive Officer. Co-Founder Jennifer Davis will remain active in the business as President and on the Company’s Board of Directors alongside Co-Founder Dan Davis.

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