San Francisco Women’s Pleasure Expert, Tara Galeano, Releases Her New Book “Rediscovering My Body”

Published on December 8, 2020

“Rediscovering My Body” Book Bundle and Community Invites Women to Embody More Pleasure in Their Lives

Women who want to experience a deeper sense of pleasure in their lives are invited to celebrate the release of Tara Galeano’s newest book “Rediscovering My Body” December 12, 2020 on at 5:15 pm PST.

Through her books, seminars and retreats, Galeano reveals the ways in which women can learn to listen to and love their body, so they can reconnect with all aspects of themselves. 

“Pleasure and truth exist in our bodies. Every woman can access it, yet many women don’t. Factors like trauma, illness, overthinking or simply not knowing how to show up for pleasure can block the inherent wisdom of the body,” said Galeano, a certified sex therapist who has helped women reclaim their sensuality and transform their lives for more than two decades.

Galeano said she realized how much of herself she had given away to others after ending her marriage of 25 years, which motivated her to embark on her own journey to rediscover her sensual self. Inspired by her personal findings and transformation, she guides other women who want to reconnect with their intimate self completely.

Clients praise her work, stating that they feel more confident and loving, as well as experience deeper vulnerability and connection with their partners.

As part of her Rediscovering My Body Book and Community Bundle, Galeano will also host a three-month book study and digital community that includes live events, video resources and connection with like-minded women beginning in January 2021. To learn more, visit:

Media can request an interview with Tara Galeano by calling or texting her at 303-544-1400.


Tara Galeano has been featured on several online radio shows including The Love Drive, The Coming Out Chronicles and Unspoken Cancer TruthsTM to name a few. She is also an in-demand retreat leader and speaker who travels the country educating audiences on the topics of sensuality, self-love, intimacy after cancer and releasing trauma.

Rediscovering My Body will be available on in Kindle and paperback on December 12, 2020 at

Visit or call 303-544-1400 for more information.

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