Hypnotherapist Reveals her Naked Truth In Bestselling Memoir

Published on March 27, 2024

Author Vicki Rebecca has written a tell-all memoir about her journey from glamour model and drug addict to being a successful hypnotherapist.

Her new book, Naked Truth: Diary of a Glamour Model, became an international number one bestseller when it was published on Amazon on Wednesday, March 20. In it, Vicki tells the raw, uncensored truth about her life, including teenage years that were tainted by abuse and an escape to Soho that led her to seedy backrooms and photobooths.

The 67-year-old from Aberdeen had a successful career as a photographic model in London but also struggled with heroin addiction – something she only overcame after a spiritual experience. By sharing her story with the world, Vicki hopes to empower others to look inwards, release their shame, and honour every part of themselves.

Vicki says: “I couldn’t be who I am now without my story; I was put together this way to do what I do now. I hope to show people that it is possible to overcome their pasts, however heartbreaking they may be.

“After all, it’s the lies we tell ourselves that hold us in conflict, and the things we’ve been through that make us who we are. I believe it is my personal journey from glamour model to successful therapist that inspires, instructs, and gives me the down to earth saltiness that my many clients and students relate to.”

Now working as a psychotherapist who specialises in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy, Vicki has been in recovery from her heroin addiction for 33 years. Taking methadone to wean herself off the drug, she then went on to complete a law degree at the University of Aberdeen before training as a water ski instructor, psychotherapist and even working as a personal trainer at the gym Princess Diana worked out at.

Since 1999, she has run a successful private practice, offering one-to-one therapy and classes as well as retreats all over the world, including Egypt, India and Turkey. In 2016, she wrote her first book The Me I Want to Be: Simple Shifts to Authentic Wellbeing.

Naked Truth: Diary of a Glamour Model is available from Amazon now at https://mybook.link/book/B0CY5QR1HC To find out more about Vicki, visit www.vickirebecca.com

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