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April 2018

Sean Kirtz Selected as a Featured CEO at The Crypto Business Forum In New York City

New York, Times Square, March 31st, 2018. Sean Kirtz CEO of ICO SERVICES Inc. was selected after a world wide search of Crypto and Blockchain CEO’s to speak at the inaugural Crypto Business Forum Showcasing Innovators in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology that was held on March 26th, 2018 at NASDAQ Times Square. Hosted by T. Allen Hanes of The Authority Syndicate Group and Matthew Loughran of Midtown West Media.

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Real Estate Investor Monick Halm Announces Book And New Program For Women to Invest with A Feminine Approach

Monick Halm, Founder of Real Estate Investor Goddess, recently announced a new program & book to help women interested in real estate. The book is “The Real Estate Investor Goddess Handbook” and it details the seven steps women can take to be a successful real estate investor. Halm also has a new program called “The Real Estate Investor Goddess Wealth Builders Program to help women make their first real estate investment.

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