Dr. Joanne Haupert, Chiropractor in Tucson, Arizona, Celebrates 20 years of service with Week-long Celebration and Fundraiser

Published on April 23, 2018

Dr. Joanne Haupert has been helping Arizona Residents feel and function better from bad backs and spinal injuries for 20 years. The Tucson Chiropractor commemorates her healthy impact on the Sonoran Desert area with a week of celebrations and fundraisers.

Events will commence the first week of May, with different activities on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, each day that Dr. Haupert’s practice is open. Both current and former Practice Members are invited to take part in raffles, music, art and food in the office. There will also be a special picture board for patients to leave messages for Dr. Haupert that will be turned into a scrapbook. Dr. Haupert’s office will also be documenting the week on Facebook Live Video to showcase the event as well as paintings, sculptures, and other creative contributions from practice members.

Local area restaurants will be donating food and raffle gift cards for practice members to enjoy. The office will also use the opportunity to fundraise for some of Dr. Haupert’s favorite charities such as the Humane Society and Casa de Los Niños, with hopes of raising up to $500 to benefit their causes.

The practice will also be selling a Chiropractic Spinal Examination and Entrainment for $30 at a discount from the original price of $189 with all proceeds going to charity.

The week is the culmination of Dr. Haupert’s work in the Southwest helping to transform and improve her patients’ lives with Chiropractic care.

Dr. Haupert’s experience in the field began with her own profound healing and transformation because of Network Spinal Analysis. In an effort to share what she had been given with others she founded the Inspired Healing Clinic in 1997. Dr. Haupert holds a Doctor of Chiropractic from Sherman College of Chiropractic and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Cornell University. She is also certified at the highest level (Level 3) in Network Spinal Analysis.

“Ever since I was a little girl it has been my greatest joy and mission to help others,” says Dr. Haupert. “It is a privilege and honor to usher people back to greater health. It is so rewarding to see people start to sing, paint, dance and enjoy their life.”

Learn More: http://www.inspiredhealing.org/






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