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Lefford Fate Announces Latest Book Published on Amazon: Pathway to a Positive Mental Attitude: 17 Steps to Success Conversations with World-Class Napoleon Hill Certified Leaders

Motivational Speaker, Lefford Fate, released his latest book on focused on the time-tested success principles of Napoleon Hill. The Napoleon Hill Foundation exists to help people. They’re a non-profit organization to help grow and develop people; to help them to become more successful. They do that based on the Napoleon Hill Foundation mission of…

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Artist’s Solo Exhibition Highlights his Versatility and Influence of Family’s Rich History

UNITED KINGDOM – – – When Alexander Dakers debuts his newest works at an exhibition or a gallery, the public has come to know that they can expect the unexpected. That’s because this increasingly popular artist does not limit himself to a specific genre or subject matter. In fact, his body of work encompasses wide-ranging subject matter created across varied mediums. Over the years his work has been found in galleries, at exhibitions, in homes, on stage sets and on the walls of schools and other public spaces.

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