Erin Lucie and Lisa Watkins: Medical Professionals Making the Mind/Body Connection for Well-Being and Healthy Aging.

Published on June 13, 2019

These Medical Practitioners are Part of a Growing Movement That Integrates Traditional Medicine with Alternative Practices and Techniques.

There may not be a hotter buzz word in the field of healthcare these days than “anti-aging.” As traditional medical practices give way to alternative, more preventative measures, these two young professional women are helping to change the thinking and practices that go into developing the mind/body connection that is now considered essential for well-being and healthy aging.

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Like Dr. Erin Lucie, who grew up playing in her mother’s beauty shop in Tulsa, OK. Little did she know that those early experiences would lead to a career emphasizing disease prevention and the promotion of health with an emphasis on aesthetic medicine as well.

After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Arts, Erin decided to focus on medical aesthetics and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. In 2011, Erin opened Mod Skin Nutrition in Tulsa, a private skincare clinic with a modern twist on traditional aesthetic procedures. She eventually completed her Masters and Doctorate in Nursing from the University of South Alabama.

As a newly credentialed Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) she was also invited to study alternative medicine with one of the top practitioners in the country, Dr. Jerome Block, who was doing groundbreaking work with protocols like neurotransmitter testing, hormone testing and the effectiveness of micronutrients in the diet. “Those studies gave me a whole new perspective on what medical treatments could involve,” Erin says. “It was about getting to the source of a disease. That’s Dr. Block’s legacy and I’m trying to keep it going.”

That continuation process now includes a new clinic that Erin has recently opened to focus on women’s health and health promotion, disease prevention and health education. Luminate Direct Anti-Aging Care is now open in Tulsa, offering hormone replacement, cosmetic injections (including the innovative cannula technique) and skin rejuvenation.

“In the last five years I have had zero patients who had either a stroke or cancer with any of my protocols,” says Erin, who is a member of The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS). “We want you to look better and feel better, and to do that you have to do the right things and do them safely.”

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Lisa Watkins is another medical professional who is changing the paradigm of mental health. As a registered nurse, Watkins made her rounds administering treatments and encouragement to cancer patients, but soon she found she was also drawn to the work being done in an outpatient mental health facility in Bismarck, ND. The more she observed the more she realized that some of the patients had similar issues to those she had herself. “I just started asking a lot of questions and had a deep-rooted interest and need to help people who were hurting emotionally, as I was,” Watkins says.

Translating her experience at the clinic into private practice, Watkins soon was offering powerful help to people who were deeply troubled. Watkins also began doing energy work, including muscle testing, eventually becoming a level two Reiki healer. She was also able to begin to clear negative energies that were manifesting symptoms in her patients. 

“A lot of these symptoms are stress related and exacerbated due to poor diet,” Watkins explains. “Things like gluten, specifically, are known to cause increased inflammation in the body. Other culprits of increased inflammation and stress on the body are sugar, eggs and dairy.”

After ten years as a mental health nurse practitioner, Watkins has now developed a comprehensive practice that incorporates the teachings of Dr. Kelly Brogan, Dr. Brad Nelson and Dr. Joe Dispensa. 

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Both practitioners have been featured as Editor’s Choice in the Hollywood Weekly Magazine.

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