Best-selling Author Carol Soloway on USA Tour and Featured on ABC TV in Tucson and Daytime in Tampa

Published on June 13, 2019

A Los Angeles Qualified Medical Examiner turned best-selling writer has written a novel, which takes you into the home and hearts of a family when disaster strikes. Dr. Carol Soloway is touring the USA from coast to coast California to Florida to New York City…to New Orleans, Houston and Tulsa.

Bestselling author Dr. Carol Soloway, 2018 recipient of the International Association of Women’s ‘Woman of Achievement Award,’ released  her second novel, Gracie’s Gone to wide acclaim as an International Best Seller and a potential movie deal.

Gracie’s Gone taps into the fear every mother has when she drops her child off at school and wonders, ‘Will this be the day my child returns home safely?’”

As a result, Dr. Soloway is donating 25 percent of each book sold to Child Rescue, an organization which helps to recover, rescue, and rehabilitates trafficked children.

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In the United States alone, two full classrooms of children do not return home each day.

“And yet it costs just $1800 to rescue one child,” Dr. Soloway said. “So, the goal is to recover enough children to fill one classroom and then from there, we’ll recover an entire school.”

Dr. Soloway urges American families to get behind her ambitious RV trip of more than 6500 miles across the United States to raise funds.

Dr. Soloway kicked off the national tour in Arizona and then heads to Texas, Louisiana,  Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, New York, Connecticut, and Washington, D.C.

She appeared on Tucson’s Morning Blend, watch here:

“Abductions and child trafficking are not issues that occur only in poverty-stricken nations or underdeveloped areas of the world,” said Dr. Soloway. “It happens in our own backyard.”

On a yearly basis, 300,000 children are sold by human traffickers worldwide.

Dr. Soloway will be speaking to audiences across the United States about The One Key to Victory and accomplishing this goal would truly be the most victorious moment of her life and the lives of trafficked children.

“Breathtaking,” is what New York Times bestselling author, Lisi Harrison said of Soloway’s first novel, Sex Happens, and a Hollywood agent who recognized the movie potential is currently shopping it around.

When world-renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown and John-Leslie Brown, heard her speak, their comment was, “Carol Soloway is a dynamic storyteller with a unique gift for influencing the hearts and minds of diverse audiences across the globe. The principles she shares are timeless and unforgettable. Those who are fortunate enough to hear her message are empowered to take action towards their highest goals and dreams.”

Dr. Soloway was also featured on NBC Daytime in more than 208 USA markets.

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About Carol Soloway

Dr. Soloway is a State Appointed Qualified Medical Examiner in chiropractic, a National Board of Chiropractic Examiner and International Association of Women (IAW) 2018 Women of Achievement Recipient and the Orange County Chapter President. She is a chiropractor to the stars and this year received the IAW’s Woman of Achievement Award. Author of the bestselling novel Gracie’s Gone. Dr. Soloway is the mother of three, the grandmother of twelve and she still plays a mean game of competitive tennis. Dr. Soloway is donating 25% of proceeds from Gracie’s Gone go to Child Rescue, an organization to help rescue, rehabilitate, and recover missing children.

“Every child deserves a childhood,” said Dr. Soloway.

Dr. Soloway is available for interviews and photographs. Photographs are also available on request.

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