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Leading Experts and Entrepreneurs, Kevin Harrington and Jim Brit, L aunch Cracking the Rich Code, Vol. 3 with Insights and Strategies from 20 Worldwide Entrepreneurs

Kevin Harrington, from the hit TV show Shark Tank, teams up with Jim Britt, top peak performance expert, for their powerful new release, Cracking the Rich Code, Vol. 3, offering unparalleled entrepreneurial insight. Britt and Harrington, along with 20 other successful entrepreneurs, share their stories and thought-provoking insights for those looking to soar their business to the top 5% in their category worldwide.

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Inspired2Speak Business Accelerator 2020, March 6-8, 2020, Learn Real-life Strategies From Industry-leading Entrepreneurs & Speakers, “Accelerate Your Income, Network, Your Business, & Your LIFE!”

During this 3-Day workshop, you’ll learn from real speakers & trainers who started their businesses from scratch & have grown their businesses to incredible success. They are coming together to show you how to have even more success in 2020 & beyond!

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