Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer, Founder of Natural Glam, Interviewed on Inspired Living TV

Published on February 10, 2020

Natural Glam Founder, Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer, Was Interviewed on Inspired Living

A recent guest on Inspired Living, Jacqueline Schaffer, M.D., is an American entrepreneur and businesswoman, author of the International Best Selling book, Irresistible You.

She stopped by the show to talk about her new company, Natural Glam, that is described as the Uber of hair and makeup design.

Prior to Natural Glam, Dr. Schaffer has a storied career of inspirational success.

Dr. Schaffer attained her Medical Degree at a young age, and was affected deeply by her mother’s contraction of Skin Cancer for a second time – and the fact this affliction was partially attributed to harsh and toxic ingredients found in beauty and skincare products.

Shocked by this fact, and determined to prevent this from happening to other women, Jacqueline researched the beauty product industry in-depth – learning about the origins of the packaging the products came in, the supply chain involved in creating a product, and most importantly, the exact molecular composition of each and every ingredient in the products being marketed today.

This leads her to create the natural anti-aging skincare line, Schique Skincare, which became very successful.


“I did the QVC as of like the world TVSN and I got into 300 stores Macy’s… it was was great,” said Dr. Schaeffer.

Host of Inspired Living TV, Keri Murphy, asked about how she transitioned to her new company, Natural Glam.

“I believe that God was building me up to something that I was truly destined to do. I was doing shows, like your wonderful show, and getting my hair and makeup done. And then I started to break out, my hair was getting more brittle.  It was just not good especially when you have fine hair. Not fun. No, no, no. And so I was like well I got the skincare down. But what about the hair and makeup.”

She explained that before the average woman leaves her home exposes herself to over 200 chemicals.  

Dr. Schaeffer said, “And so it’s just really scary because you wear makeup all day and you have hair care product. You know in your hair all day as well and it’s all keratin it’s just crazy. And so it’s you want to be as mindful as you can’t because this is the only body you have to live in.”

Natural Glam is a clean, on-demand beauty service. They currently do hair and makeup, and people can request services and products at the touch of a button. Just like ordering food or groceries, you can order this service instantly. 

“It’s just like Uber…you need a car. Boom it’s there. You need food. You click Postmates. You need your makeup..boom right there. And so it’s as simple as pushing a button and we’re there to service you and make you feel your most beautiful self. The healthy way,” explained Dr. Schaeffer.

In addition, the company is giving creators of safe, clean products a voice and a distribution channel. Natural Glam curates their platform carefully, so clients can trust the products being used. They also support local stylists and provide them with clean products to use with clients.

For more information, visit her site, Naturalglam.com.

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