Frio-Hydration Celebrates Success Revolutionizing the Sports World With Popular Breakthrough Hydration System

Published on February 12, 2020

One of the most important things when it comes to athletic performance and safety is staying properly hydrated. Seeing the need for athletic teams and programs to address this concern for the last five years Frio-Hydration has been providing its remarkably effective hydration system.

Just having some bottles of water or sports drinks in a cooler on the side of the field on a game or training day is not even coming close to covering keeping athletes, whether student or otherwise, properly hydrated. And the science doesn’t lie – poor hydration equals sub-optimal performance and an increased rate of all kinds of injuries. The good news is, Spring, Texas-based Frio-Hydration took a long hard look at this need and developed a superior product, the Frio-Hydration to address it. Five-years later the product has been proven effective again and again, winning consistent rave reviews from coaches and athletes across the country as the leader in its space.

“I am an Athletic Trainer and I worked in the High School setting providing injury prevention, care, and rehabilitation services for our athletes for ten years,” commented Rob Mcfarlin. “So I saw first-hand how important this is not just through research in texts but in the real world with my athletes. Five years ago I developed a new hydration system that would revolutionize the way Athletes drank water on the field. Frio-Hydration was born and we keep growing every year because the product truly works.”

According to the company, some of the highlights of the hydration system include: having a 20-50 gallon capacity; providing an easy-to-use tube system for the athletes to get hydrated without hassle or headaches; it features a commercial-grade tank that is hygienic, which is simple to fill and clean, and tough as nails; the ability to hold ice for days – not hours – due to high-tech insulation; easy to move and position with a pull handle and a steel frame making it sturdy, plus ‘flat-free’ tires to avoid any mishaps; eight water nozzles so there are no players waiting long in line; and the longest warranty in the industry, guaranteeing years of reliable use.

Unlike many of the rival brands in the industry, the Frio-Hydration System can be custom labeled, showing a team or school’s logos to help with branding, promotion, and building team spirit. Special prices are available for purchases of more than one unit. The feedback from users continues to be passionate across the board.

Athletic Trainer Mike Hopper, from Dallas, recently said in a five-star review, “Why do I love our Frio? We’ve got the #LagoGrande here and we have had it for about three months now. We use the thing every single day. Once we fill it up in the morning the only thing we need to do is add more water. I put ice in it at night before I walk out the door, we put water in it first thing in the morning and it sits outside all day long. 12 hours later and it’s still as cold as can be. It may be out of water but it won’t be out of ice! The frame is a tank, built solid in so many ways. Worth the money!”

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About Frio-Hydration
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