Gilson Oliveira, Business Coach, Takes on the high Small Business Failure Rate With A Psychology Approach

Published on September 22, 2014

Gilson Oliveira, Business Coach at, which teaches business owners and entrepreneurs to grow 6-figure businesses, explains that the business owner’s psychology and skills, more than anything, will determine the success of their company.

“A business cannot grow, especially, to 6-7 figure numbers, until the business owner expands their own identity to manage the new company’s size and new challenges that come with it,” said Gilson Oliveira. “And that’s why the first thing I tell my clients is to stop calling themselves ‘small’ business owners, because nobody can take on a big challenge, such as growing a company, with a ‘small’ mind.”

Tony Robbins, Life Coach and Peak performance Specialist echoes Gilson’s statements on the importance of the business owner’s psychology to grow their businesses.

Robbins elaborated, “There is one chokehold on the growth of any business, and if you can own this, and see this, and turn it on its side, you can take any business and grow it. And that is, the growth chokehold of any business is always the psychology and skills of the leader.”

The latest reports on Small Business Failure rate were not positive, showing that only 50% of the businesses keep their doors open after 4 years period. And If that’s was not enough bad news, according to Bloomberg, 8 out 10 entrepreneurs fail in the first 18 months.

Working one-on-one with a business coach who has challenged his own paradigms and identity to grow a successful business, who understands what it takes to shift to a more empowered attitude and succeed, can be the solution to many of the challenges facing small business owners and entrepreneurs today.

Coming from a very humble upbringing, Gilson’s been through the process himself, which, may be the reason his coaching program has been delivering such a high rate of positive response from his clients.

“Simply put, without Gilson’s mentoring, our business would be dead. Gilson brings comprehensive knowledge and solutions to ramp up not just an Internet presence, but your entire marketing strategy. His approach is wholistic, synergistic and, most importantly, has integrity,” said Rene Dreifuss, Owner at

Creative Leadership Coach Anne-Marie Duchêne shared her results with coaching with Gilson.

“Last year alone, my business grew 40%. As I continue working with him, my business continues to grow and expand,” said Duchêne.

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