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July 2020

Put America First To Keep America Great

We are thrilled to announce the launching of our new website, TrumPotus, to provide the latest breaking videos, interviews, statements, and stories concerning the POTUS. We will be relaying stories and videos from major news outlets to help our readers stay up-to-date on the events of the POTUS and the state of the country.

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Sarah Griffiths goes against the grain in a pharmaceutical obsessed mental health sector

Trauma and abuse therapist Sarah Griffiths understands the position of mental health in 2020. Incensed that too often, people are given the impression they cannot heal without drugs, Sarah’s approach involves hypnotherapy, guided meditation and other, more holistic practices that focus on timely results. Also referred to as rapid transformational therapy, Sarah aims to produce…

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Billie Sharp Helps Women to Become Unstoppable

Billie Sharp’s goal is to empower women – in fact, her whole career revolves around this one main mission. As a coach, she aims to help female entrepreneurs build profitable, sustainable businesses, and she has helped many clients achieve and even surpass their dreams.  Having achieved immense professional success herself, Billie finds a great deal…

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