#1 International Bestselling Author Sara M Ruda Launches Motivational Coaching In The Great Outdoors

Published on July 29, 2021

Sara M Ruda believes an emphasis in positivity is important in every situation one faces. Appreciating the little details of nature, uncovering the exceptional moments of the day. This can be a tough skill to uphold, but Ruda connects with her clients in a way that ensures they keep going until they feel more confident in building themselves up again.

Disconnecting from a chaotic world to focus on one’s needs, to enjoy what’s right in front of them, is not easy for everyone. Ruda loves the outdoors and thrives on helping others recover from abusive relationships and traumatic experiences by guiding them back to the core of what they love. Being outdoors and embracing the beauty it offers gives her the opportunity to combine her passions.

“Knowing I helped someone is enough reward for me at the end of the day.”  Sara Ruda on her passion for helping others.

Who would have thought to combine the love of outdoors with building self-confidence, targeted to those recovering from traumatic experiences? Ruda teaches the skills for camping trips while building confidence in several aspects of one’s life moving forward.

With one client, she taught basic outdoor skills and archery. This was used as a foundation to set small goals and build confidence. The knowledge her clients gain is carried with them forever to be more comfortable with themselves as they work to improve their lives.

When asked what made her offer this opportunity to others, Ruda said, “Every person has something to offer this world that no one else can, make the most of it.”

Her purpose is to inspire and motivate all ages to explore the outdoors and the valuable lessons it teaches. Anyone who has experienced trauma has the power to regain control by learning something new and connecting to nature with the aid of her coaching methods.

About Sara M Ruda

Ruda grew up in a small town of 300 people, then worked as a paramedic in metro Atlanta, Georgia. After suffering through an abusive relationship, she found the strength to return to the Midwest to restart her life. Today, she’s a nurse, EMT, rancher, mother, wife, and International bestselling author.

Ambitious Women Rise is a co-authored bestseller where Ruda and several other amazing women talk about their journeys to overcome personal struggles. To rise above and achieve goals they never realized were possible.

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