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TC Bradley and God Made Millionaire – A Beacon Of Hope In A Global Recession

On November 26th 2001, TC and Vickie Bradley, made a simple business decision that would be the seeds of establishing what they believe will be a global empire. They registered the domain name “I simply do not believe that there are any ‘self-made millionaires,’ ” says Bradley. “The term self-made millionaire is a lie…

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Authority Marketing & Media Expert TC Bradley Helps Business Owners Achieve Instant Celebrity Status

Nationally known and respected authority marketing and media expert, TC Bradley, Founder of is assisting small business owners from all walks of life “crack the media code” and achieve what he calls “Instant Celebrity Status” within 48 hours. “I have seen first hand he power of what becoming an ‘Expert Authority’ has meant in in my various businesses,” said Bradley.…

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