Honor A Hometown Hero Through TRUST VETS

Honor A Hometown Hero Through TRUST VETS

Join others in doing business with American Military Veterans.

TRUST VETS is calling on America to honor Veterans in a new way. Doing business with American Military Veterans is one way to support them. Sponsoring a Veteran in business through TRUST VETS is another.

TRUST VETS drives business to Veterans through a comprehensive online directory, social media channels and the Friend of Veterans program. Details available on the TRUST VETS website at: www.trustvets.com. Currently, the nine states with active TRUST VETS members are: Minnesota, North Carolina, Oregon, Idaho, Texas, Arizona, Louisiana, Colorado, and Oklahoma. The directory includes Veterans in a variety of industries ranging from attorneys to barbers to locksmiths.

Here are a few examples of how TRUST VETS creates an immediate audience and impact for it’s members:

“Thanks Joe, I can’t thank you enough for all your support in getting my business off the ground. You put the word out the day we opened for business and within a week we were completed book. I had to hire two more full time staff!! (Both vets too!)” ~Shaun Riffe

“Already a member, and there is not enough space here to detail how this organization has benefited me and my business. Thank you Joe!” ~Dewey Koshenina

TRUST VETS needs help to expand and put Veterans to work across the country; serving fellow Veterans. To date, TRUST VETS has identified 110 full-time positions for Veteran Regional Member Coordinators across the country. Additionally, they are building out a world-class website to serve as a centralized platform where America does business with Veterans. In the Twin Cities alone, TRUST VETS represents Veterans in more than 80 different industries.

Contribute to the TRUST VETS initiative and help make TRUST VETS a reality for all American Military Veterans.

Support this effort by contributing, sharing the links and spreading the word about the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign at: http://www.trustvets.com/march.


TRUST VETS was founded by a long-time supporter of American Military Veterans, Joe Johnson. Unable to serve, Joe has absolute and unlimited passion in supporting the brave men and women who have served.

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