New Oral Care Line Out Of Beverly Hills Shakes Up The Market And Makes National News

Published on November 17, 2014

Oral Essentials, a new oral care line created by celebrity dentist Dr Kourosh Maddahi, DDS revealed its first product last week, and it’s already garnered attention from national news outlets.

Nov 18, 2014 Los Angeles, CA – This has been a banner year for cosmetic dentist, Dr Kourosh Maddahi, DDS. His book, Anti-Aging Dentistry was both released and hit the coveted number 1 spot on Amazon’s best-seller list, earning him the title Best-Selling Author, an international book tour and features on morning news segments around the country. If that wasn’t enough to draw attention to this dentist to the stars, Dr Maddahi revealed his oral care line, Oral Essentials last week, and it’s making waves.

“The response has been incredible,” says Dr Maddahi in a phone interview this week, “The concepts that we’re approaching with this product is really hitting home for people on a very loud level. We’ve gotten calls from some of the biggest names in TV, and the mouthwash is flying off the shelves at my office in Beverly Hills.”

Dr Maddahi goes on to explain that his reason for developing this mouthwash was to fill the many holes he was seeing in the products available to his patients, family, and friends. Oral hygiene products chalk-full of preservatives like alcohol, blue and green dyes, and chemicals that work as “anti-bacterial” agents.

“There has been a misconception about ‘anti-bacterials’ for a long time, and we’re addressing it now with a series of international studies from Oral Essentials’ head of research, Dr Hessam Nowzari, DDS, PhD. The problem with anti-bacterials are they change the delicate ecosystem inside the body by wiping out all the bacteria that is present. The majority of the companies that are producing these kinds of products would say this is a good thing, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. We need bacteria in our mouths, and indeed our bodies, to survive. Salt, Oral Essential’s key ingredient does not kill bacteria, but stops it from producing the harmful toxins that cause infection and disease. We use Dead Sea salt, which is not only the most potent salt in the world, but also contains beneficial minerals that no other salt does.

This is just one of the many elements that sets Oral Essentials apart, and is creating such an incredible affect on the public. Almost everyone has been told at some point in their lives to rinse their mouths with salt water when they get sick. They already know this works, they’ve just never seen it utilized in this way. It’s perking ears to be sure.”

When asked what’s next for Oral Essentials, Dr Maddahi gave the good news, “An entire line, of course. We’re already in development for the next products and we’re excited to educate the world on this new and improved way to take care of your mouth and yourself.”

Company Name: Kourosh Maddahi DDS
Contact Person: Caroline Heerwagen
Phone: 310-888-7797
Country: United States