24 Hour Crowdfunding Campaign To End Racism In America

Published on September 1, 2016

Augmented Publishing Group is launching a 24-hour Go Fund Me campaign on Monday, Sept. 12, 2016, the Nat'l Day of Encouragement, and is seeking the help of celebrities, influencers, & associations to partner with them to raise money for a new book series aimed at eradicating racism in America.

Augmented Publishing Group (APG), a Los Angeles-based boutique media and book publishing company, is launching a 24-hour Go Fund Me campaign, and is seeking the help of celebrities and associations to employ their leadership and influence to get the word out. Participants will rally like-minded citizens to the crowdfunding site during the 24-hour campaign, taking place on Monday, September 12, 2016. The donated funds will be used to underwrite a series of books, aimed at eradicating racism in America.

The company has committed to donate 100% of the retail royalties of all books they create and publish for the “#REALTalkRacism, Change Matters” book series to a not yet determined non-profit.

APG’s president, Lisa Williams, commented, “Speed to the marketplace is important. People need solutions now, and it seems that every month, new incidents are occurring. By garnering community partners, we can publish an array of books for every group of people sooner than we can underwrite them ourselves, so cost doesn’t have to stand in the way of healing taking place, as quickly as possible.”

The publishing company is looking to garner the support of celebrities, centers of influence, and associations to assist by reaching out to their followers, fans, members and colleagues on that day to donate during the 24-hour period.

Williams went on to say, “This campaign is only 24 hours, so we need as much social support, sharing support, and media support as we can get! It’s a small part anyone can play, that can collectively make a big impact.”

Chicken Soup for the Soul started with a simple idea: that people could help each other by sharing stories about their lives. Williams believes that their book series can have the same, or greater, effect, and can help to close the racial divide in America.

The new book series will feature mental health professionals, lawyers, race relations experts, community leaders, law enforcement professionals, and many others, and will be comprised of short-read books, featuring a different expert in each chapter. The series, “#REALTalkRacism, Change Matters,” is the company’s effort to start conversations, change perspectives, and help eradicate the intractable issue of racism in America.  The books will provide support in the form of education, strategies, and solutions to various groups of American citizens who need it most.

Monday, September 12, 2016, is the Nat’l day of Encouragement, which is fitting, because the books in the series will offer encouragement and hope.

The influencers, celebrities, & associations willing to participate will enjoy the recognition and benefits of community goodwill, as well as a feature in one of the books.

This is a notable and worthy cause to support.

The individuals or organizations willing to help by sharing and tweeting should contact RealTalkRacism@gmail.com.

The project also needs volunteers to help with all aspects of launching a nationwide campaign, including bloggers, social media professionals, editors, and individuals to help tackle an array of tasks. Those who are interested in learning more can join the Facebook group by visiting www.facebook.com/groups/realtalkchangematters/.

ABOUT AUGMENTED PUBLISHING GROUP: Augmented Publishing Group, a division of Authority Book Consulting, LP, is a Los Angeles-based boutique book publishing and media agency that specializes in the creation of single author and collaborative books, designed to help community businesses and associated nonprofits grow their companies.



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