LearningRx San Antonio Northwest Offers 100 Free Brain Skills Assessments And Consultations To Military Families For Veterans Day

Published on November 1, 2021

Nov. 11th is Veterans Day & LearningRx San Antonio Northwest is offering during the month of November "No Cost" cognitive skills assessments to active-duty soldiers, veterans, & immediate family members as a way to say, "Thank You" for your service.

San Antonio, Tx is recognized as Military City USA, and LearningRX San Antonio Northwest wants to show their love for all the Military Families that live, thereby making the entire Month of November special for them. Executive Director Whitney Meyer explains, “Our center here in Northwest San Antonio is military family-owned and operated, and we understand the importance of giving back to our service members and their families. A LearningRx cognitive assessment really gives parents the opportunity to see how themselves or their children can improve the way they think, learn, and perform at school and in life.”

Here is how the assessment works:

A professional cognitive assessment identifies which learning or cognitive skills are weak. Cognitive skills are the foundational tools we use to think, learn and remember; they include logic & reasoning, auditory and visual processing, memory, attention, and processing speed. The assessment takes about an hour, and the results give families information about the next best steps for their loved ones.

Once weak brain skills are identified, they can be targeted with intensive one-on-one cognitive training. Unlike digital brain games, personalized brain training uses customized exercises and incorporates immediate feedback, intensity, and loading, among other features, to improve the way the brain learns.

LearningRx – San Antonio Northwest
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San Antonio’s Northwest LearningRx programs are designed to eliminate the cause of an individual’s learning challenge(s) instead of accommodating or compensating for the symptoms.

Unlike tutoring or computer-based programs that focus on academic content, LearningRx provides targeted cognitive training that improves the brain’s ability to process information. LearningRx training attacks the root problem of learning difficulties by targeting the underlying cognitive skills required to pay attention, remember, and perform.

LearningRx Brain Training works on the cognitive skills the brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, and pay attention. How they work on those skills is what makes us so unique in the industry: Their clients work face-to-face with personal brain trainers, doing fun, challenging mental exercises that improve core brain skills, including auditory processing, memory, logic, and more. While many of their clients are children who are struggling in school, they serve children and adults of all ages. Brain training is life-changing.

Meet Lynne and Whitney Meyer:

Together, they own and operate LearningRx San Antonio Northwest. Both of them are Board Certified Cognitive Specialists and experts in the field of cognitive skills training.

Lynne Meyer is a retired reading specialist and administrator for more than 25 years, and her biggest frustration was seeing students who struggled, no matter how much extra support they were given. So she took it upon herself to learn about how the brain processed information and discovered that if a student has weak cognitive skills, all the re-teaching she did would only make a small difference.

While her daughter, Whitney Meyer, was starting her M.A. in Educational Psychology, she discovered LearningRx cognitive training. She became a certified cognitive skills trainer for LearningRx in 2009 and has since helped hundreds of students and their families overcome learning struggles associated with ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities, and even traumatic brain injury.

LearningRx San Antonio Northwest has received numerous 5-Star Reviews on Google and Social Media Platforms from both the parents and the students.

Here are some of the testimonials talking about the life-altering results they have gotten, even in a short time. https://birdeye.com/learningrx-san-antonio-northwest-tx-842894784.

This Is What One Of The Top Industry’s Leading Experts Is Saying About The Results That LearningRx Is Having With Their Clients.

According to Dr. Amy Moore, when a client comes to LearningRx San Antonio Northwest, the team uses a Brain Skills Assessment to identify weak brain skills. Once those skills are identified, they can be targeted with intensive personal brain training. Unlike digital brain games, one-on-one brain training uses customized exercises and incorporates immediate feedback, intensity, and loading, among other features, to work on cognitive skills.

“Cognitive skills, also known as ‘brain skills,’ are the fundamental tools we need to learn, read, remember, and pay attention,” explains Dr. Moore, a cognitive psychologist with LearningRx. “They include attention, auditory processing, logic & reasoning, processing speed, visual processing, and working and long-term memory.”

To learn more about LearningRx San Antonio Northwest or to schedule your cognitive skills assessment, call (210) 699-6463 or visit https://www.learningrx.com/san-antonio-northwest.

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