Aaron Ralph Thomas, CEO of Your World Productions Inc, Announces Book Launch

Published on August 3, 2015

Best Selling Author of "Teleprompter Bible", Aaron Ralph Thomas has confirmed that his second book, titled "Video Producers Don’t Know Jack About Marketing" will be released in October 2015.

WILLINGBORO, NJ, August 3, 2015 — Aaron Ralph Thomas has agreed to a book deal with book and digital media publisher Your World Media Group.  The book is an exposé about how little most video producers know about marketing, and offers help to video creators.

“I’m writing this book to help my fellow video producers to better understand marketing–to help their clients, and to help their own businesses.  Many video producers advertise that they know about marketing.  That usually means that they know how to post their clients’ videos onto YouTube and other social media sites.  While posting videos online is marketing, most video producers don’t have an understanding beyond the basics”  says Thomas.

Thomas also points out that marketing is not taught at most film schools, and is not a requirement for most college video and film majors.  “We video producers start our businesses because we love our craft.  But since video is proving to be the most powerful digital marketing tool available, it benefits us and our clients to understanding marketing better.  Realizing that there are not many marketing resources available specifically for video creators, I decided to write the book”  Thomas went on to say.

Aaron Ralph Thomas has been educating video producers and entrepreneurs about marketing since 2010.  Thomas conducts live training sessions helping business owners with their marketing, showing them strategies that are easy to implement. Thomas is the host of the Corporate Video Business Podcast, which has been renamed the Grow My Video Business Podcast.

About Your World Media Group

Your World Media Group is the book and digital media publishing division of Your World Productions Inc. Founded in 2003 by Aaron Ralph Thomas, Your World Productions has been helping large organizations to grow using video marketing, video communications, and video training. 

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