Adam Andava’s New Book, Putty In Your Hand, Hits Two Amazon Best Seller Lists

Published on October 3, 2016

"Putty In Your Hand," released last week by marriage and relationship coach Adam Andava, quickly made two Amazon Best Seller lists of Dating & Relationships and Marriage books, beating out many big names.

As author and relationship coach, Adam Andava, published his new book, “Putty In Your Hand,” it climbed rapidly this weekend on two highly competitive Amazon Best Seller lists in the Christian Living department and gained first-listing in that department’s Hot New Releases.  “Putty” reached #2 in Dating & Relationships, ahead of such popular books as Gary Chapman’s “The 5 Love Languages,” Timothy Keller’s ‘The Meaning of Marriage,’ and C.S. Lewis’ “The Four Loves.”  It also ranked #5 in the even more difficult Christian Marriage department, surrounded by well-established, popular names.

Immediate sales evidenced the widespread interest in the book’s time-tested principles and universal themes, applicable to Christian and non-Christian couples alike. Its broad-based audience appeal is for women and men evaluating a potential mate, the newly married, wives seeking to turn around a troubled marriage, and women who want to enhance an already good marriage and inoculate it against potential outside seductive wiles.

Described by Aria Demetri as “reality courtship at its best,” “Putty’s” 100 love letters were written to the author’s woman-of-promise who lived 2000 miles away before delivering his proposal of marriage, which is also included. Unique in both style and content among marriage and relationship books, many letters are rich in imagery, often passionate, poetic and highly personal. Other letters unveil the author’s view of what a man really wants, and provide detailed measures a woman can take to captivate a man’s heart, mind and devotion for life.

“Hitting the Best Seller lists is an accomplishment I am excited to have achieved. As an avid reader and ‘student of women’ for many years, I am truly honored and awed at finding my new book, “Putty In Your Hand,” a leader among so many outstanding marriage and relationship books by established authors whose work I admire,” said Andava.

Continuing, he adds: “My goal in publishing these letters is to help as many marriages as possible achieve greater harmony and intimacy, and “Putty’s” ‘Hot New Release’ visibility will give that a boost.”

This achievement is especially notable since “Adam Andava” is a pen name that’s new to the book world. It was adopted by the author for the protection of his family due to the highly personal nature of the letters. But under his real name, the author is a popular writer and speaker, veteran of a Christian counseling center, former student of famous Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget, former leader of support groups of unhappily married women, and a relationship coach.

With his decades of focus on premarital compatibility, dating and marital relationships, and intimacy in marriage, Andava’s precepts have evolved into what he calls the “Putty Principles.”  Now the how-to primer for them is “Putty In Your Hand,” which will become a core reading for Andava’s marriage and relationship coaching clients. 

Although the letters were originally intended to woo and help shape his own relationship with his now-wife, he assures that these lessons are applicable to essentially all couples, and just about any woman can learn and apply Putty’s methods. The numbers suggest readers agree, and that they appreciate the candid vulnerability and passion with which the lessons in “Putty” are presented.

“It embraces the innate strength and power of true womanhood,” says Aria Demetri, who applied the “Putty Principles” to her own troubled marriage and turned it around.

“The honesty and intimacy…is so deep that it may cause you to pause, just to take it in,” reflects reviewer Elizabeth Sandifer.

“This is like a ‘Relationship Reality Show,’ where the author speaks from his heart and mind spontaneously during a real-life courtship with all its ups and downs. I’ve never seen another relationship or marriage advice book like it,” asserts Margaret Hampton.

After a long-overdue vacation with Mixie, the woman he wooed and won with the letters in “Putty In Your Hand,” the author plans to resume his relationship coaching under the banner “A Better Marriage Coaching” and with a soon-to-be completed new website, Readers can get on the “advance list” for coaching by writing Adam.Andava1 [at] Gmail [dot] com.  Learn more about the book and the author on

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