Advertising and Video Marketing Company Merchant’s Arena Adds Green Screen Studio Production In Sudbury, Ontario Location

Published on September 28, 2016

Merchant's Arena is adding in house green screen production facilities to their location at 2987 Old Hwy 69, Val Caron, Ontario. The location is easily accessible for clients and local talent in the Greater Sudbury and surrounding areas.

Adding a green screen studio, Merchant’s Arena will now produce green screen effect videos in house, using local talent and working directly with clients who want to be their own spokesperson. Green screen videos, also referred to as blue screen, allows the editor to edit the green background out and replace it with another setting, video or backdrop related to the theme of the video. Merchant’s Arena, a Sudbury, Ontario based advertising agency and video studio, owned and operated by Mike Tersigni will continue to produce videos at client locations in addition to the new in studio productions. This will produce content for their additional services including, video testimonials, social media marketing, re-targeting campaigns, branding packages and optimizing the newly produced green screen videos for video marketing submissions and opportunities.

“The green screen setup will allow us to reduce production costs for our clients. A strong barrier to video production and marketing for businesses and practices is the huge costs and time involved in producing high quality commercials and ads and then marketing those videos in a way that will attract more customers or clients,” said Mike Tersigni, founder of Merchant’s Arena “We can now make the entry level easier for even small businesses to get involved with promoting themselves with video.” said Tersigni.

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With an interesting portfolio of eCommerce web properties, Merchant’s Arena is approaching 20 years in the online retail and eCommerce space with warehouse distribution of consumer products based out of Toronto, Ontario. Originally offering services related to website creation, design and search engine optimization services, including in the classroom, teaching business owners how to manage their online business marketing efforts, Merchant’s Arena has expanded these services to encompass video production, interactive video marketing, authority branding and positioning, pay per click and pay per view advertising.

Company Name: Merchant's Arena
Contact Person: Mike Tersigni
Phone: 705-419-0922
Country: Canada