Air Animal Transportation Business Flies High In The Skies

Published on March 6, 2019

Moving from one place to another may seem simple until there are pets involved. Greater distance moves are especially challenging where air travel and international logistics come into play. Air Animal® Pet Movers through its founding owner and licensed veterinarian, Dr. Walter Woolf, arrange pet transportation and relocation throughout the U.S. and around the world. The genesis of the business came from Dr. Woolf who practiced veterinary medicine in Tampa Bay for many years. In 1977, Dr. Woolf realized there was a growing need as people and their families became more mobile and moved great distances. This created a very important opportunity--pet transportation service.

One might not expect arranging pet transportation to be so difficult. However once having attempted it, one learns the levels and layers of complexity can be daunting. Family pets are members of the family as important as one’s relatives. To travel great distances, airlines have dedicated areas for animal “cargo.” These separate areas are temperature-controlled and pressurized as is the passenger cabin. The comfort of pets on the move can only be accommodated by airline carriers to certain extent.  It is up to expert pet transport companies like Dr. Woolf’s Air Animal Pet Movers to handle details ensuring pet safety, comfort and a good travel experience for their furry, feathered, and scaled clients.

Starting with properly sized travel kennels that allow pets to move around comfortably with adequate headroom and side space is paramount.  Additionally, safety for the pets inside the kennels must be considered. Air Animal provides a confident and comfortable process from beginning to end of the move. Packing, pre-travel preparation, travel tracking, animal treatments, and cross-border documents are some of the detailed logistics Air Animal pet move managers offer.  Before the trip, Air Animal recommends helping pets adapt to the travel kennel by setting it in the home and allowing the pet to rest or sleep in the kennel with the door secured open. The kennel becomes one of the pet’s spaces so there’s no discomfort.

As an experienced and expert veterinarian, Dr. Woolf built his business understanding the needs and details involved with pets.  Safety, quarantine, and health check-ups begin the process for Air Animal’s customers and their pets. Air Animal’s pet move managers also help their human clients handle the psychological, environmental, and family separation stress that can happen during relocation.

Pets come in all sizes and types.  Dogs and cats are the most common travelers. Different countries have different rules that affect destination charges, veterinary inspections and customs entry procedures. While weight and kennel size affect the air cargo cost, the full cost of pet moves vary with the level of service selected. Air Animal’s VIP door-to-door is the most popular offering and the highest level of service.

Air Animal is a trusted, award-winning and long-standing partner of the major relocation companies and most commercial airlines that accept pets as air cargo. They’ve forged that efficiency and effectiveness over more than 40 years in business.

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