Albert Bardavid Tops Amazon Best-Seller List With USA Book Release

Published on July 22, 2016

Albert Bardavid, mentor, motivator and businessman, tops best seller list after the book released in the United States. Albert’s book, Expert Mavericks, takes you on a journey of thirteen business leaders through their road to success.

The new book hit best-seller lists within 24 hours of the USA book release. It was ranked #1 in “Knowledge Capital” as well as #1 in “Business Ethics”. It also received “HOT NEW RELEASE” status.  

“Albert is a man with so much heart and so much depth and so many levels and layers. Uncovering it, is just magnificent to see,” says Shareen Richter, an international professor.  

Expert Mavericks brings together the stories of 13 South African business leaders taking you on a journey of their trials, tribulations, and victories to become the Mavericks they are today. Albert’s story is included with 12 others: Rowan Swartz, Dr. Ridwan Mia, Anthony Goodman, Carla Da Silva, Craig Wing, Janine Hills, Alex Granger, Tandy Coleman, Shaheed Joosub, Shereen Hunter, Pam Green and Cassper Nyovest.  

Albert is a husband and father who has a voracious appetite for life. He has managed to create a 360-degree change for himself in the face of extreme adversity. He uses his ability to change negatives into positives to help inspire and motivate others.  

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