Alex Miller, Realtor with the Jordan Terrell Group at Real, Interviewed on the Colorado Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Published on August 9, 2023

Alex Miller discusses the journey of investing in multiple properties and growing long-term Wealth 

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In this podcast episode, Mike Saunders and Alex Miller delve into the profound impact they can have on individuals through their work in the real estate industry. They emphasize how their personal struggles and experiences have allowed them to forge deeper connections and empathize with their clients. Alex Miller shares that their own arduous journey, which spanned several years, ultimately became one of their greatest blessings. This transformative experience enables them to connect with people on a profound level and offer motivation and encouragement to clients facing similar challenges.

Alex Miller also expresses immense satisfaction in witnessing their clients’ long-term wealth growth through real estate investments. They find it incredibly rewarding to observe clients acquiring multiple investment properties and embarking on transformative journeys with these assets, such as utilizing them for Airbnb rentals. Alex Miller takes joy in knowing that they are making a positive impact on their client’s lives and assisting them in achieving long-term financial success.

Furthermore, Alex Miller discusses their expertise in assisting investors in purchasing both long-term and short-term rental properties. They attribute their background in property management as instrumental in guiding clients toward the right investment opportunities. Miller acknowledges the possibility of clients returning in the future to continue their real estate investment journey.

Overall, this episode underscores the rewarding nature of working in real estate and the potential to profoundly impact clients’ lives. Mike Saunders and Alex Miller emphasize the significance of building relationships and utilizing personal experiences to connect with and support clients in attaining their real estate goals and long-term prosperity.

Alex shared: It probably brings some of that experience in to help you guide them to the right property. Probably you will have some people that you help to buy a property and then they come back in a series of years to go. Now I’m going to keep that property, but let me save it or keep it as a rental or buy another property as a rental. So, you just kind of start stair-stepping in because a lot of times people get that bug and buy their first investment property and then it keeps building and building”


About Alex Miller

Alex is a Realtor who works with buyers and sellers to win and make the process EASY.Alex believes he is an extremely hard worker, that is very knowledgeable and patient and loves to help his clients.

Alex has worked with all types of buyers and sellers and prides himself on always giving a luxury experience. Alex has been awarded with being one of the top 3 producers in 2021 and 2022 selling 40 houses in 2022.

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