Allison Gallagher of ‘We Are Ladypreneur’ Shares How to Attain Goals on Wix DesignHer

Published on December 10, 2018

Creator of Ladypreneur Life Organizer + Day Director, Allison Gallagher, appeared on Wix DesignHer to discuss how to reach personal and professional goals by using a day planner.

CEO of We Are Ladypreneur, Allison Gallagher, was recently featured on Wix DesignHer with host Ruthann Bowen. They discussed how female business owners can achieve their business goals by using a day planner. Tracking daily activities and comparing them to the past provides a visual comparison point for improvement.

Gallagher, a professional lifestyle photographer since 2005, owns Allison Anne Studios. She created the Life Organizer + Day Director to push and empower her in business while also keeping her personal life organized.

At the start of a new year, Gallagher discovered the day planner she had used for the past twelve months was discontinued. Frustrated, she complained to her hairdresser that she’d have to start the search for a new planner–one that might have only some of the features she needed. Her entrepreneurial spirit, ignited by the stylist’s response, “Well, then you have to make your own,” prompted her to do just that.

While designing the planner to suit her needs, Gallagher had an epiphany, “I designed it for me, but going through the journey, I realized how many women need and want this planner to help them with all their goals. I realized that if I’m the market, there’s more of ‘me.’” 

The Ladypreneur Life Organizer + Day Director contains customizable pages to help balance life and work. It also includes unique features specifically for reaching business goals: inspirational quotes by women, personal intentions, budgets, sales flow, marketing, ideas to achieve professional growth, and more.

“For most of us that are in the creative industry, those are the things that are lacking in the planners that I find,” commented Bowen.

On Gallagher’s website is a customer testimonial crediting the planner for helping her with procrastination: “The business intentions page is brilliant. It forced me to address a lingering idea and finally put it into play.” 

When asked if the profitability of her business increased by being able to track and organize things better using the planner, Gallagher responded, “Without a doubt!”

The interview concluded with Gallagher expressing the difference it has made in her life, “I feel more rewarded. I feel complete, like I’m really running my business efficiently, and I feel like I can hold my head higher because I’m more successful.”

About Allison Gallagher and We Are Ladypreneur

Allison Gallagher is all about inspiring women. She created the Ladypreneur Life Organizer + Day Director as the perfect day planner “for the Lady Boss wanting to maximize her hustle while living a balanced and inspired life.” A portion of the proceeds is donated to a non-profit that empowers women.

About Wix DesignHer

Hosted by Ruthann Bowen, Wix DesignHer focuses on the female entrepreneur who wants to run their business more efficiently. Her guests will help you ‘Raise the Bar’ with: Resources, Advice, Inspiration, Support and Encouragement. Her show airs on the Wix Community YouTube channel.

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