Andover Cabinetmaker discusses custom millwork and cabinetry innovations in new interview with Small Business Trendsetters

Published on March 18, 2019

Small Business Trendsetters Magazine recently interviewed Stewart and Deanna Junge about trends shaping their business and industry

ANDOVER, Mass. – During a recent with interview with Small Business Trendsetters Magazine, Landmark Finish owner Stewart Junge discussed how innovation and reinvention helps his company continue to thrive more than a decade after the housing market crash in 2008. To read the full interview, visit Small Business Trendsetters.

Founded in 2001, family- and veteran-owned Landmark Finish provided finish carpentry and millwork for the high-end residential construction market until the housing market crashed seven years later. With a two-year-old son at home, a new baby on the way and a newly acquired 16,000-square-foot manufacturing location in need of substantial renovation, Junge and his wife Deanna, director of business development, decided to double down on their business. The couple invested in state-of-the-art Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery and software, then began building out a commercial portfolio serving the corporate, education, healthcare, municipal and retail sectors.

“I enjoy the challenge of figuring things out and solving people’s problems,” Stewart Junge said. “In 2008, we had to change our focus to commercial cabinetry, technology and machines so we could keep the business going.”

Today, the shop continues to serve the commercial sector, as well as provide prototyping and manufacturing for small businesses and CNC machining parts for other shops throughout New England. Landmark Finish has successfully re-entered the residential market as well, adding custom closets to the product line and earning Northshore Home Magazine’s Best of North Shore Reader’s Choice award in 2018.

When asked about the decline in skilled trade workers, Deanna Junge said there’s a shortage because “The manufacturing industry still has a negative stigma with many high school students still being told that manufacturing is not a good career option.”

That’s beginning to shift, the Junges said, as states like Massachusetts and others across the country are putting money into promoting manufacturing careers.

“The message is starting to change,” she said. “We’re seeing more articles about how pursuing a career in manufacturing and the trades is a smart decision.”

As part of that shift, the Junges partner with community organizations and local vocational schools to actively promote the trades as a desirable career path and train a new generation of workers in custom millwork and cabinetry.

About Landmark Finish

Founded in 2001, Landmark Finish is a family- and veteran-owned custom millwork and cabinetry company headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts. We make all our wood and laminate cabinetry, custom closets and countertops for corporate, education, healthcare, municipal, retail and residences in our Andover shop. We are committed to developing trusted and lasting relationships with our clients, determined to provide the highest quality possible and driven to be reputable members and role models for the community and our children. To learn more about how custom cabinetry can transform your home, office, school or retail space, visit

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