Anne Marie Cummings, Author of Baby Boomer Bonding, Celebrates by Offering a Free Copy of Her Book for Limited Time Via Her Website

Published on July 24, 2018

For a limited time, Anne Marie Cummings, Retirement Reinvention consultant and published author of Baby Boomer Bonding, is offering a free copy of her book through her website to celebrate and give back.

Anne Marie Cummings is a consultant whose services are in high demand due to her focus on retirement reinvention and home sharing—two topics that are of particular interest to baby boomers. In her latest book, Baby Boomer Bonding: Luxurious and Meaningful Lifestyle without Breaking the Bank, she offers insights into how to manage your life after career in order to create an ideal retirement. For a short time, she is offering a free copy of her book to visitors to her website in an effort to share this valuable knowledge with retirees and those contemplating retirement in the near future.


Baby Boomer Bonding covers two important topics about life after retirement, according to the author. First, the book discusses the process of transitioning from career into retirement, a progression she refers to as “reinvention.” Second, the book discusses ways to maintain an independent and purposeful lifestyle for as long as possible, even if retirement lasts for decades. Since so many baby boomers are now living well beyond the traditional 20-year retirement period, this book is a timely guide to living a meaningful existence in the final stage of life.


According to the author, “Baby Boomer Bonding presents actionable steps that will help you transition from your 30+-year career into a meaningful retirement filled with new purpose. Through engaging examples and self-reflective exercises, this easy-to-read action guide provides retirees with a Retirement Reinvention coach in a book to help guide their next steps.”

For a limited time, visitors to her website can receive their FREE copy of Baby Boomer Bonding, a $32 value. For more information, visit


About Anne Marie Cummings: Anne Marie Cummings is a Retirement Reinvention consultant who focuses her efforts on helping those who have retired or are contemplating retirement. Her work includes helping those who are transitioning into retirement to find their new meaning, purpose, and lifestyle so that they can enjoy their final act of life as much or more than their previous years.

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