Anthony Contreras’s New Book Release Tops Two Amazon Best Seller Lists

Published on January 20, 2016

Technology and marketing expert Anthony Contreras co-author of Local Marketing Trendsetters, Volume III that tops two Amazon Best Seller Lists, becomes a #1 Best Selling Author in Entrepreneurship Advertising and Small Business Advertising.

Contreras wrote the book to highlight what he calls the growing issues of frustration and disillusionment business owners face when considering new technologies to fuel lead generation and sales growth.

“I’ve been a big fan and follower of the Local Marketing Trendsetters group for some time. So, to my surprise I was humbled and honored when they called asking me to contribute to the book. To think that so many local business owners have reached out to me and pushed sales to the #1 Best Seller status in not just one, but two Amazon business categories is just surreal,” said Contreras.

Recently, our editors conducted an informal survey of business owners revealing interesting facts about this topic.

Figuring out how to successfully use technology to generate more customers, sales, and ROI for their businesses was a top priority for most respondents. While some have embraced it, most were ambivalent toward initiating new technologies for their business marketing efforts. The reasons for not continuing to pursue new technologies in their business marketing: lack of knowledge or technical know-how, time required to learn, or lack of tangible results. Comments such as “feeling helpless” and “very frustrated” were also commonly stated to describe their feelings on the subject.

In the book, Contreras details exactly what’s working now for local businesses leveraging technology for ROI and sales. For example, new Wi-Fi technology, what he calls “social wifi”, used only with a small population of business owners for lead generation, and unique branding. “The Wifi technology we’ve implemented is really cutting edge stuff and results indicate it to be a major game changer for the select businesses we’re using it for,” said Contreras. He added, “The lead generation numbers on this have been spectacular.” He went on to discuss one particular effective lead generation method common within most of the companies inside Warren Buffet’s portfolio.

Contreras has been helping entrepreneurs with their lead generation with a unique approach he calls “Big Company Marketing Secret #3: The Warren Buffet Approach.”

He’s worked with multi-national online companies to local brick and mortar businesses helping bring media exposure for lead generation, higher ROI, and increased sales.

“Within 48 hours Anthony had my business written up and picked up for publication by the USAToday, CBS News, ABC, Fox, and numerous other outlets who saw it and published it,” stated Carmen Amara, Founder of Amara360, a Miami, Florida based performing artist.

Amara continued, “The result was a huge boost to my social media engagement, inquiries for performing and coaching business and huge brand exposure for my business.”

To learn more about Anthony Contreras and to get a copy of his highly touted special report on technology, “social wifi“, and lead generation for local businesses called, “Big Company Marketing Secret #3: The Warren Buffet Approach,” go to and request your copy.

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