As Baby Boomers Struggle With Their Finances, Pamela Armstrong Reveals Wealth Strategies

Published on April 24, 2014

April 2014 – As baby boomers struggle with their investments and finances, Pamela Armstrong released a new signature coaching program to help baby boomers with financial literacy and simple strategies of the super wealthy.

“There is a conservative number of about seventy million baby boomers, born from 1946-1964, that are retiring and facing declining returns on their investments. Most of which are eating away the original capital invested,” said Pamela Armstrong.

Armstrong stated that financial literacy, or lack of, plays a huge factor in this scenario.”Learning to ask the right questions, understanding where and why your money has been invested in a certain fund are key factors for successful returns. One of the most obvious questions are about commissions and fees. How is the investment advisor compensated? The lack of due diligence contributes to many baby boomers seeing their original capital invested decline. This can happen by unnecessary fees, commissions and wrong investments ill suited for the risk adverse investor.”

Financial education through on line courses or unbiased mentoring and coaching can actually help baby boomers get better returns.  Most importantly, it can allow them to have some peace of mind around money and investments. Even the psychology and mindset around money can have a huge impact on finances for the typical baby boomer. “Our clients not only learn all aspects about finances and money, but they learn so much more about themselves after exploring their belief systems around money. This is where the magic begins and this is where the transformation happens with their relationship with money.”

Pamela Armstrong is a former investment advisor and investment banker. Pamela now coaches, mentors and speaks to people about their relationship with money, personal finance and investing. Most importantly she teaches people how to transform their money story and master their relationship with money and finances.

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