Atlanta Eco Cleaners Offer Healthy House Cleaning Discount For The New Year

Atlanta Eco Cleaners Offer Healthy House Cleaning Discount For The New Year

Atlanta house cleaning company Atlanta Eco Cleaners wants to help Atlanta residents keep their New Year’s resolutions by keeping the house clean and healthy.

It’s a new year and with that comes new year’s resolutions. Such a great way to start the year. Many people pick health as one of the main things they are going to work on at the beginning of the year, but as most people know, these resolutions rarely last past the first couple of weeks.

Atlanta Eco Cleaners owner, Amanda Howe knows how stressful a dirty house can be. As a Mom of 7 children, she knows how clutter and dirt and grime can appear out of nowhere and put you in a less than motivated mood. “It is hard to keep to a schedule and make the time for yourself and your health when you know you need to be cleaning up around the house and making sure the chores are all done. As moms, especially, we always tend to put the children and husband before ourselves and our health can suffer because of that. That is why I wanted to reward moms for taking charge of their health this year by offering a great deal on house cleaning.”

Atlanta Eco Cleaners are offering Atlanta residents who sign up for regular weekly or bi-monthly cleaning services a healthy deal. Sign up for a package of 10 cleanings and we will waive the first time cleaning fee (just pay regular cleaning price) and give 2 extra cleanings free. That’s 12 house cleanings for the price of 10, plus no deep cleaning fee.

“Taking care of the cleaning can really relieve stress and give you the motivation to get out of the house and to the gym and work on yourself,” Howe continues. “Knowing that there is going to be a cleaning service for at least three to six months can help keep the habit of getting to the gym regularly and fixing clean healthy meals in a spotless kitchen.”

It is hard to develop new habits like living a healthy lifestyle. The average time to cement a new habit is about 66 days. So, keep up the new year’s resolution for at least that long and see the difference at the end of 2018.

Atlanta Eco Cleaners is an eco-friendly non-toxic cleaning service serving Atlanta residents for over 5 years. They use top of the line equipment to get homes looking clean and germ free without the chemical smell or residue.

For more information about Atlanta Eco Cleaners and house cleaning packages, contact:

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