Attorney Steve Jankowski Reaches Three Best Seller Lists

Attorney Steve Jankowski Reaches Three Best Seller Lists

Authority Media Group, LLC congratulates Steve Jankowski, best-selling author featured in the new book, “Small Steps – Big Results” which recently hit three Amazon Best Seller lists.

The book ranked at #5 in the ‘Web Marketing’ category. It also reached best-selling rank in the ‘Small Business’ and in ‘E-Commerce’ categories.

Contributing author Steve Jankowski is an attorney of twenty-four years and serial entrepreneur.

Steve, the entrepreneur, has made it his mission to help attorneys grow their law practices through strategic use of cutting-edge tools and tactics.

With years of experience as both a marketer and practicing attorney, Steve understands the legal marketplace and the marketing issues that attorneys face online.

Most importantly, he understands lawyers and speaks their language. He has also mastered strategies and tactics that help a law firm rank online, and create a compelling message that prompts prospective clients to reach out to you.

One of Steve’s favorite tools is video.

“Video is a wonderful tool,” says Steve, a tool that enables “people to learn more about you, hear and see what you’re about, and determine if they can trust you.”

Several dramatic successes followed mastering online marketing strategies and tactics. Steve quickly began to share this knowledge with others as a mentor, coach and consultant. In the book, Steve stresses that people will choose to do business with those they “know, like and trust.”

Steve shows examples of ways he develops that “know, like and trust” feeling by using different types of videos for different education purposes on his web site.

One of the important points that Steve brings up is that “once someone is watching my video, they have already found me, so it doesn’t need to be a commercial.”

Steve instead educates viewers on his practice, answers frequent questions, even discusses going to court, what to expect, and what to wear.

“Educate rather than sell,” is his goal.

“I knew this worked,” says Steve, “when people called ready to hire me, and they simply needed to know my fee.”

In the book Steve also covers the topic of how to make your video appear in search. “Many marketing companies, including law firm specialists, don’t take the time to do this right,” says Steve. “But law firms that do this, or find someone to do it for them, have a massive opportunity to create a brand.”

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