Author and Happiness Expert Gerald Reiche Interviewed on Business Innovators Radio About How to Have a Happier and More Fulfilling Life

Published on September 8, 2015

Author and happiness expert, Gerald (Gerry) Reiche, recently appeared as a featured guest on Business Innovators Radio to talk about his book, It's All About Me: An Interactive Guide to a Happier, More Fulfilling and Successful Life.

Author and happiness expert, Gerald (Gerry) Reiche, who works independently in Valencia, CA, was selected out of thousands of authors to appear as a featured guest on Business Innovators Radio to talk about his book, It’s All About Me: An Interactive Guide to a Happier, More Fulfilling and Successful Life, released earlier this year.  

It’s All About Me targets the person who is looking for something new, something more. It is a deep introspective for the “Me” reading the book to help answer the question: “If this ain’t it (what I am doing in life) then what is and how do I figure that out?”  Realizing that a person can only start from where they are now, It’s All About Me provides insight on how the person arrived in life where he is, what patterns he needs to change and walks the person through exercises designed to help him find passion and purpose in his life.

“Thank you so much for asking me to appear on Business Innovators Radio,” notes Reiche. “I get really excited every time I have an opportunity to reach out to those who are unhappy with life, who are searching for more but don’t know how to find it or even where to begin looking. My passion is helping get people unstuck: to help them onto their path to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling and successful life! For me it doesn’t get much better than that!”

During the interview, Reiche noted that he discovered that the method for finding answers to life’s questions is not in some far distant and mysterious land but within one’s being. He added, “This book is a compilation of my life’s discoveries, molded into a method where the reader can realize that it really is all about the ‘me’ who chooses to walk the path of passion, purpose and success.”

Reiche explained that his book was excellent for someone who appears to be stuck. When asked about how someone might recognize when they’re stuck, he responded that the person is typically yearning for more, or he might recognize that he’s bored and is not doing what he wants to do in his life and doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life doing what’s he’s doing currently.

He further noted, “To get unstuck, there’s some exercises you can do to find out where you want to go. It all involves going ‘inside’ and trying to figure out what you like. I have people sit and write out a list of what they perceive themselves to be good at, what activities make them happy, what kinds of things others seek help from them because they’re good at it, and what are the things in life they have been most happy doing.  Then comes the half-spiritual, half-practical aspect where they do some meditation and allow the infinite number of opportunities to come to lead them to the direction that they intuitively know they need to go.”

Reiche was born in Germany, to a U.S. military family. He is a case manager for a personal injury law firm in Lancaster, California, and a practitioner for Centers for Spiritual Living in Granada Hills. He has a Bachelor of Arts, Juris Doctor and Reserve Officer Commission from the U.S. Army.

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