Author and Personal Trainer/Strength Coach Steven Head Hits Three Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Not Another Fitness Book: A Memoir. A Manual. A Message for 49 Million Baby Boomers.”

Published on November 21, 2018

"Not Another Fitness Book: A Memoir. A Manual. A Message for 49 Million Baby Boomers." by Steven Head, reached Number One on Three’s Best Seller Lists in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy categories in November 2018.

Fitness-industry veteran Steven Head understands the need for fitness “experts” who are more human than super-hero. With refreshing candor and vulnerability, Steven’s inspiring fusion of memoir and manual, “Not Another Fitness Book,” makes an impassioned plea to the 49 million baby boomers who are currently missing out on the myriad health benefits of regular movement.

In addition to his career as a trainer/coach, now 61, Head has been enjoying a rediscovered passion for Baseball for over two decades. He thought after a high-school shoulder injury, he’d never play ball again. He discovered otherwise at 42, when asked to play in an adult recreational league (for players age 25 and up, and another one for players age 35+). “As adults, we have very few opportunities to be a part of a team, to enjoy the camaraderie. Guys just love it! It reconnects me to the best of my childhood: my father, his support, and love of the game.
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“It’s my hope that earning bestseller status will allow me to get the message out there to a much wider audience than I could otherwise. It’s a critical message of strength and health, accessible to folks at an age when many have “given up” and settled for a life of pain and debility.”

His book is receiving rave 5-star reviews on Amazon. Reader Susan Hess says “Nailed it! Wonderfully written from both a professional and personal standpoint. We can all relate to many aspects of Steven Head’s struggles with such great loss in life and how he managed to work through them. He also demonstrates the importance that both fitness and yoga played a role in that process. Clearly his goal in life is to try and help people and we all can gain from his knowledge while reading his book.”

Understanding the need for “fitness experts” who are more human than super hero, industry veteran Steven Head delivers an inspiring infusion of memoir and manual in Not Another Fitness Book. He does so with refresh condor and a rare vulnerability.
As a memoir, it’s an unflinching look at a life lost to emotional hardship, career calamity, and to tragedy. It’s a look at a life found by an awakening to the most simple and profound truths.
As a manual, it simplifies the keys to effective exercise. It aims to help the aspiring or struggling exerciser develop an understanding and philosophy of their own, one that will result in a lifelong commitment to movement. It offers remarkable insights into why we may have failed in previous efforts, and more importantly how we can overcome those obstacles and find fitness success. As a manual, it benefits tremendously from Steven’s unique experiences and varied skill sets.
Join him as he shares the influences and epiphanies that shaped his philosophy of exercise as “lifestyle medicine”, of exercise as proactive health care. While Steven specifically reaches out to baby-boomers, this book will specifically appeal to anyone who is looking for inspiration, for insightful and practical information. Connect with the book on Facebook

Steven Head CSCS, is a personal trainer, strength coach and yoga teacher in McLean, Virginia. Steven’s career spans five decades. He has worked independently as well as in physical therapy clinics, large health clubs, and small “boutique shops”. He has worked with teens, septuagenarians, and everyone in between. His clients have included heads of state, members of congress, business CEOs, and elite athletes. Most of his work however is with ordinary folks hoping to find help in becoming healthier. When he isn’t working with clients, he is practicing what he preaches or playing baseball, pool, reading, or enjoying the company of friends.

Head is a graduate of Marymount University’s Physical Fitness Management program. He says ” The program was one of the first of its kind, I remember Dr. Liane Summerfield was one of its pioneering professors. He also became certified with the American College of Sports Medicine as a health and fitness instructor in the late 80’s and the National Strength & Conditioning Association in the early 90’s. Head is also a veteran of the United States Air Force.

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