Author Andreea Mihalcea Tops Amazon Best Seller List and to Celebrate Offers Free Copy of Speed Selling

Published on August 29, 2016

Andreea Mihalcea author of Speed Selling: The Fast Track to Double Your Sales Without Sacrificing Who You Are, Amazon's Business and Sales Best Selling Book, is celebrating by giving a digital copy free of charge at the author’s website.

Andreea Mihalcea is a marketing and sales mentor and popular presenter who is a previous leader of the Foreign Relations Office within the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  During her duration, she was a facilitator, organizer, and host of 70+ networking meetings and international business events, and now she has written an acclaimed Amazon Best Selling book. 

She hopes to assist SME owners, young entrepreneurs, and sales professionals who desire to make a difference and create the “insanely great” in their own field of activity with her own sales and marketing consulting service.  Ms. Mihalcea describes success as the impact a business, activity, or even idea has within the lives of consumers.  She intensely believes that there is more to selling than sheer manipulation and persuasion techniques.  The key is quality versus quantity.

Ms. Mihalcea ascribes her success and knowledge to working with and learning from prosperous business people, political front-runners, and ingenious thinkers from all over the world.  Her skill in negotiation at the Foreign Relations Office in Bucharest has allowed her the unique insight of how business people with a common vision and various cultures can achieve success in a global market notwithstanding the different expectations and diverse perspectives.

In her book Speed Selling:  The Fast Track to Double Your Sales Without Sacrificing Who You Are, she critiques the laws of sales and marketing and also provides valuable insights on the art and science of ethical selling and leadership.

According to Andreea Mihalcea, “Speed Selling reveals how the consumer’s behavior is different today and why none of the old sales and marketing techniques work as they used to.  If you want to master the core elements of the inner game of sales and learn the secret to closing calmly and consistently every single time, read this book!”

For a restricted time, book lovers can download a free copy of her book, Speed Selling, which is valued at EUR 35, by visiting  For further information about the author along with sales and marketing advice, visit the author’s website.

About Andreea Mihalcea:  Andreea Mihalcea currently works with business owners and entrepreneurs as a business development consultant.  She graduated from the Romanian Diplomatic Institute and directed one of the Foreign Relations Offices inside the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  Ms. Mihalcea currently lives in Romania

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