Author Camille Mancuso Michaels Hits Amazon Best Seller Lists with Anti-Bullying Book Angel Heart Adventures

Published on December 29, 2016

“Angel Heart Adventures” by Camille Mancuso Michaels, reached 5, 6, and 9 on’s Best Seller List in the Children’s Sections of Bullies, Self-Esteem, Peer-Pressure on December 21, 2016.

Author Camille Mancuso Michaels‘s recent release, Angel Heart Adventures: Mission to Earth hit’s best seller list on December 21, 2016, climbing all the way to reach #5, #6, and #9 in the categories of Bullies, Self-Esteem, Peer-Pressure.

“Mission to Earth” is the First book of the “Trilogy” of Angel Heart Adventures. Angel Heart is an adorable Angel sent from Heaven to Earth to teach non-bullying, non-violence peaceable communication with love, kindness and respect for one another.

This is a number 1 choice for children 6-12 years of age as it will assist the children into new ways of self discovery into promoting kindness and positive behavior with one another.

In response to the book hitting 5, 6, and 9, Michaels stated, “I have absolute love, passion and determination for assisting the children on the planet into learning non-violence, mon-bullying, peaceable communication, with love, kindness and respect for one another!”

Simon Cowell, known for identifying the hidden talent in people of all ages in American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent, says “Every single negative can lead to a positive. Any negative situation… Don’t get too down about it – you’ll work it out. You learn as you go along. You don’t get smart at 17. You just don’t unless you’re one of a billion. It will happen over time and it’s the getting there which will be the most fun.” – Oprah’s Master Class / OWN TV

With the urgent cultural shift to focus on online and digital bullying, and creating conversations for children and teens around self esteem and individuality, Angel Heart Adventures subject matter is a hot topic and a must read book for children aged 6-12.


My name is Camille Mancuso Michaels. I wrote these series of books to assist the children into new ways of self discovery into promoting kindness and positive behavior with one another. In my professional life, I assist people into changing unwanted patterns, trapped emotions and limited beliefs, which then aligns one to the peace and balance within. I also travel abroad teaching workshops along with speaking engagements to encourage children and adults into making positive differences within themselves and into our world. I felt it was time to spread this message to all children and watch this take bloom. I have read “Angel Heart Adventures” to many children and with much excitement, they ask for the continuing of these stories. Therefore, I have left the last book in the trilogy “Bringing Heaven to Earth” open for another “Angel Heart Adventures” to continue. I am inviting you to assist us, into assisting the children on the planet. We have great hope for the success of these books. Once the trilogy of “Angel Heart Adventures Books”, are complete we will focus on creating apps for the phones that will focus children on good deeds for the day, as the children will earn their wings. There is also talk of a product line as well as cartoon or movie in the future to enhance the message that Angel Heart portrays. There is also a lot of excitement as we already have many positive reports coming in from many families around the world! We will take this one focused step at a time, we are in this together ! Blessings to you all ! ~Camille ~

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