Author Doug Kirkpatrick Set For Relaunch Of His Book, “Beyond Empowerment: The Age of the Self-Managed Organization”

Published on July 25, 2017

Educator, executive coach and author Doug Kirkpatrick will reintroduce the public to his book, “Beyond Empowerment: The Age of the Self-Managed Organization.” The book will re-launch in August 2017 and will introduce a new group of readers to the topic of self-managed organizations, which to Kirkpatrick, means individual self-management in the context of everyday business.

Consultant Doug Kirkpatrick has announced August 2nd, 2017 as the re-launch day for his book “Beyond Empowerment: The Age of the Self-Managed Organization.” The book will be available to a new audience who will learn about the important topic of self-management. It is a relevant topic today and one of great interest to Kirkpatrick, who has spent his career as a consultant, educator, executive coach, and now author. According to Kirkpatrick, “Self-management is what we all do in our personal lives every day. We plan, organize, select, control, coordinate and strategize, yet when we enter a typical organization, there is already a system in place to take those responsibilities away from us. This book explores what happens when a company realizes that their employees are already managers and allows them to self-manage at work.”

Beyond Empowerment: The Age of the Self-Managed Organization” delves into the “empowerment” movement within companies, and what went wrong. The book looks at the empowerment programs major corporations put into place over the past 20 years and comes to the conclusion that just attaching empowerment programs to existing power structures was ineffective. As Kirkpatrick puts it, “These programs often led to the appearance of empowerment, but gave very few employees any real power.”

Kirkpatrick uses this book to argue that real empowerment means that each individual contributor has all the power they need from the moment they join a company. They are free to seek out the resources they need, they are free from coercion or threats and they are held fully accountable for their actions by not only the organization and its mission, but primarily by themselves.

Beyond Empowerment: The Age of the Self-Managed Organization” imagines a workplace with no human bosses, no designated managers, no titles, no hierarchy, no visible structure and no unilateral authority to fire anyone. It is a company built on the principles of freedom and self-management. The book presents such a company to its readers and lets them gain a clear understanding of how this company would run and succeed. Although fictional on the pages of this book, the description is based on a real company.

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Doug Kirkpatrick is an organizational change consultant, TEDx and keynote speaker, executive coach, author, and educator. He is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post Blog on Great Work Cultures, and a partner in NuFocus Strategic Group, an international consulting firm where he leads organizational change and education initiatives. Kirkpatrick began his career in the manufacturing sector, principally with The Morning Star Company, a world leader in the food industry, as a financial controller. He now engages with the Leadwise Community, People-Centric Organizations, the Center for Innovative Cultures, Great Work Cultures, Work Revolution and other vibrant organizations and leaders to co-create the future of management.


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