Author Dr. Pelè Hits Three Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Big-Ticket Clients”

Published on May 1, 2019

“Big-Ticket Clients” by Dr. Pelè, reached number one on’s Best Seller List in the Business Consulting & Service Industry categories on April 29, 2019.

Author Dr. Pelè’s recent release, Big-Ticket Clients: You Can’t Catch A Whale With A Worm™ (How To Use The Psychology Of Story To Land Big-Ticket Clients Online, While Being Your Most Authentic Self), hit’s best seller list on April 29, 2019, climbing all the way to number one in the Business Consulting & Service Industry categories.

Every day, consultants, advisors, and coaches make one critical mistake that costs them millions of dollars: they use small-ticket marketing and sales strategies to try and land big-ticket clients. The result? Frustration and failure. What they learn is: You Can’t Catch A Whale With A Worm™. This book addresses this problem head-on and provides a clear path by which consultants, advisors, and coaches can consistently land big-ticket clients online.

In response to the book hitting number one, Dr. Pelè stated, “In a noisy world of free templates and copycat marketing, looking and sounding like everyone else can literally destroy your business. What you need is a paradigm shift that positions you with not only what to do, but also why it works. If you want high-value clients, you need to build high-value, authentic relationships. The Big-Ticket Clients framework will give you the clarity and tools you need for that task.”

With the recent popularity around the use of social media to influence vast populations in the media, the Big-Ticket Clients subject matter is a hot topic and a must read for Consultants, Advisors, and Coaches.


Dr. Pelè Raymond Ugboajah is an author, musician and the founder of Big-Ticket Clients. Born and raised in a war-torn African refugee village, he was named after Pelé of Brazil—the greatest soccer player on earth—whose influence was so great that it stopped a bloody civil war. Dr. Pelè internalized his namesake’s simple, yet powerful secret of success—practice—and later transformed it, developing his unique skills in art, music, writing, and motivational speaking. Eventually, Dr. Pelè turned his attention to the world of business, where he created Big-Ticket Clients—a signature process for helping coaches, consultants, and advisors bridge the gaps between goals and greatness. Today, he is the CEO and host of the Big-Ticket Clients Podcast, which features the stories of successful consultants, advisors, and coaches.

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