Author Gail M. Carter ‘The Making of a Successful Business Woman’ Named No. 1 Amazon Bestseller

Published on May 29, 2020

Author Gail M. Carter is No. 1 Best Seller for "The Making of a Successful Business Woman." She shared her inspiring story of success.

“The Making of a Successful Business Woman” was named a #1 Amazon Best Seller recently. Gail M. Carter, owner of LightShift360, LLC explained that “The Making of a Successful Business Woman” is a guide for those that want to become a “boss lady,” for self-sufficient women who want to create and thrive in own business to learn from other women who have gone before them and learned important lessons during the process.

The Making of a Successful Business Woman features 20 entrepreneurs who share stories of their journey to becoming business owners. They discuss their pivotal moments, their highs and lows, and how they pressed through their hardest times. These inspiring stories provide an inside look of some extraordinary women who created their own lanes and managed to succeed.

If you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, these stories will motivate you to get started today! This book serves as an inspirational resource to guide you along your entrepreneurial journey with great details and true-to-life stories by women who have accomplished their goals and dreams of successfully running their own businesses.  Purchase the book online at:

About Gail M. Carter

Gail M. Carter is the Founder and CEO of LightShift360, LLC. She helps clients to own their power in many areas of their lives. She is a Leadership and Organizational Excellence Strategist, Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Success Coach, and Consultant. Gail inspires high achieving professionals to get the most out of life, career, and business by harnessing the power to S.E.R.V.E to effectively lead confidently and authentically so that they create even more impact and fulfillment in their workplaces, relationships, and communities. Her audiences are usually, mid-career level professionals who people looking to live life more fully, seeking growth and clarity of purpose and they want to add meaningful value to society and leave a legacy.

She is the creator of the Renewal360 Encounter, the Impact360 Leadership System, and S.E.R.V.E Blueprint. Through personal development and accountability effective coaching, interactive online and in-person workshops and global retreats within the Impact360 Leadership Program, Gail speaks to, and trains audiences on the 5 Step Methodology S.E.R.V.E Blueprint to help high achievers breakthrough and push past the status quo, reinvent themselves and create new possibilities in life and business.

These 5 steps include 1. S- Strategic Leadership for Maximum Success 2. E- Empowering Growth Mindset to Fulfill your Dreams 3. R- Responsible Action to Create Sustainable Results 4. V- Values for Leadership in the Community to Make a Difference 5. E- Expanding Reach to Maximize Impact. Individuals gain more clarity of the next steps, feel more motivated, increase confidence, and are more productive after gaining results and enjoy making a difference in their homes, businesses, and communities.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Gail held various management positions in civil engineering, construction, utility project management for billion-dollar projects for Fortune 300 companies in the oil and gas industry.

She earned an M.B.A., Business Administration, University of Central Florida, M.A., Sustainable International Development, Brandeis University, Massachusetts, and B.S., Civil Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology.

She received the coveted Junior League of Princeton “Woman to Watch” Award for her accomplishment of emerging as a leader early on and giving “above and beyond” of her time and talents to support the efforts of the organization. Born raised in the Caribbean island of Barbados, Gail is a proud member of Journey Christian Church, in Orlando, Florida where she resides. Gail has traveled to over 20 countries and 4 continents and she remains active in global outreach, taking part in annual international mission and volunteer trips.

In her spare time, when she is not traveling, Gail enjoys spending time with family and cooking Caribbean dishes, playing golf, playing tennis.

Connect with Gail at the touch of your fingertips via her digital business card by Texting “GAIL” to 64600 or visiting at and visit her website:

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